Himalayan Salt Crystals for Soaking & Bathing

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Soak those aches and pains away, clear up skin problems such as psoriasis and make your skin soft and renewed.

Himalayan Bath Salts

Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Bathing

It is important to choose a quality bath salt product that is free of chemicals and rich in minerals to get the full benefit of bathing. Himalayan Crystal is 100% pure and contains 84 “natural” elements possible of 92 trace minerals available, in the same proportion as naturally exists in our blood. Human blood contains 0.9% salt-sodium chloride, the same saline solution used medically to cleanse wounds. It is universally accepted that natural salt can have a wonderful effect on circulation and metabolism.

Magnesium is important for both combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous system. Calcium is effective at preventing water retention, increasing circulation and strengthening bones and nails. Potassium energizes the body, helps to balance skin moisture and is a crucial mineral to replenish following intense exercise. Bromides act to ease muscle stiffness and relax muscles. Sodium is important for the lymphatic fluid balance (this in turn is important for immune system function).

The Origins of Salt Bathing

From ancient civilizations to today, salt and the sea have been associated with health and therapy. Hippocrates was the first one to details the benefits of sea water. He encouraged his fellow healers to immerse patients with aching muscles and arthritis into sea water.

The ancient Greeks continued this by soaking in sea water hot tubs and heated seaweed baths, had sea water massages, sea green facials and body wraps, and used sea water pools.

Then the Romans raised bathing to a high art. Roman citizens lingered for hours in communal not baths, where they socialized, conducted courtships and even sealed business deals. They built lavish baths wherever they found natural hot springs.

In Europe, people started hearing about the curative properties of sea water and began flocking to the coasts, especially to Great Britain and France. Some of the marine hospitals started to open, such as Petit Berck, the first French marine hospital, Louis Bagot, the first thalassotherapy (from the Greek- thalassa for “sea” therapeia for “care”) clinic in Europe. During the next several hundred years, doctors and scientists began studying what is was that made the sea water beneficial for so many ailments.

Soaking in our Himalayan Salt Bath is a great way to Relax, Rejuvenate & Restore! When dissolved in water your skin will naturally absorb these nutrients in a manner that will gently cleanse and replenish the body. We suggest taking a Himalayan Salt Bath after work, exercise or whenever you’re feeling the need to pamper and take care of yourself. After the bath we suggest you relax with a good book or a hot cup of tea, or simply fall asleep and let your body rest and re-charge for the next day. We recommend two or three baths a week for maximum benefit. The more you use these fine minerals, the more your body will respond.

Foot Soaking Instructions

Heat 2-3 cups of water, add 1 cup of salt to the hot water and stir until the salt is dissolved completely. Pour the salt solution into a foot bath or dish pan large enough for your feet. Add water at the temperature you desire so that your feet are completely covered. Soak for at least 1 hour before bedtime.

It is possible for 2 individuals to soak in the solution as well. You can also save the salt solution and re-heat it the next either in the microwave or on the stove top.

After soaking 2 times, dump out the water and start a new batch.

For people with severe chronic pain, it may be necessary to soak daily for a week to realize significant relief. Each time you soak, it is likely you will feel better, sleep more restfully, and have more energy.

It is recommended to soak your feet in the salt solution rather than bathing in it. Our feet absorb the minerals faster than any other part of our body and our nerve endings go to our feet. Therefore, you get relief from aches and pains from head to toe.

Bathing Instruction

When you bathe in the salt solution, because there is a much larger volume of water, it is necessary to use 2 pounds of the salt, rather than the one cup used for foot soaking, in order to receive the full effect of the detoxification process.

To get the full effect of a therapeutic natural salt bath:

  1. The salt concentration needs to be at least the same as the human body ratio (approx. 0.9%) to activate the osmotic exchange ratio. The formula for a 1% solution is 1.28 ounces of salt per gallon of water.
  2. A full tub is normally 27-32 gallons (100-120 liters) of water, so you need about 2 pounds of Crystal Salt in a tub ¾ full of water.
  3. To avoid using body energy to balance the temperature, the water needs to be approximately 97 degrees Fahrenheit (37 Celsius). Your bath will remain at a constant temperature because the biophysical composition of the salt is so strong it causes the molecules to move in a constant rhythm.
  4. Dissolve the salt under the running water – do not use any bath additives, oils or soaps.
  5. Soak for around 20-30 minutes, simply pat dry with a towel. If possible, rest for at least 30 minutes after a salt brine bath.
  6. If you have heart issues or other health concerns, consult with your doctor first.

The therapeutic benefits of salt baths are well known and often recommended by doctors for a wide range of medical conditions.

Time to jump into the ancient primal ocean

Slip into a sheer ocean of energy with these magical Crystal Salts. Imagine taking a dip in the pristine primal ocean, some 250 million years ago, Relax while your body absorbs the 84 vital nutrients and your skin attains the soft glow of health. Your skin is an excretive organ that mirrors the condition of your intestines. When you take a brine bath, the salt minerals help your skin in the form of ions. Bio-energetic weak points will be balanced and your body’s energy flow will be activated.

Studies have shown that you can achieve best results taking a brine bath during the change of the moon. The minerals and energies stored in the brine can optimally be absorbed during a full moon. During a new moon, the cleansing effects are optimized because the body’s capacity for detoxifying is at its peak.