Crystal Salt Lamps FAQ


How do Crystal Salt Lamps work?

Salt Lamps emit negative ions when the heat produced from the lamp breaks down Na CL Sodium Chloride in a process called ionization.

Where do Crystal Salt Lamps come from?

Every single product comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Each lamp is handpicked and carved by expert craftsmen.

Can I keep my Crystal Salt Lamp on all of the time?

Yes, you can. This question is asked quite frequently, and it is important to understand how Himalayan Salt Lamps actually work, acting as natural ionizers. It is the heat from the bulb that stimulates the production of negative ions. Therefore, the longer you leave the lamp on, the warmer they get, the more they will purify the air in your environment. In fact, many customers do leave them on 24/7, and claim to get the best ionizing effect, where some just simply like the relaxing glow they give off. In our home and office, we leave our Himalayan Salt Lamps on all the time, yet we recommend you use at your discretion. If you plan not to use your lamp for longer periods of time, put a plastic bag on the lamp to protect it from humid conditions.

How does this help me?

Crystal Salt Lamps emit negative ions to their surroundings. The ionization helps combat many of the harsh elements that bombard our bodies, causing us to feel unwell. The placement of the lamp in an area that one uses frequently can help balance the bodies, boost the immune system and restore energy.

What is a Crystal Salt Lamp made up of?

Salt Lamps are made up of Crystal Salt, a beautiful base, an electric bulb and a high quality electrical wire.

How do I know what size Himalayan Salt Lamp to buy?

4-5”height (3-5 lbs) covers 8 x 8 square feet

5-7” (6-8 lbs) 10 x 10 sq feet

7-9” (9-11lbs) 12 x 12 sq feet

9-11” (12-15lbs) 14 x 14 sq feet

10-12” (16-20lbs) 15 x 15 sq feet

11-13” (21-25 lbs) 16 x 16 sq feet

How do Salt Lamps differ from other lamps?

Salt Lamps differ in two ways: their extraordinary beauty and many properly researched health benefits are the qualities that make. these lamps unique.

What if someone wants to lick the Crystal Salt Lamp?

Although every possible effort is made to process the Crystal Salt Lamps hygienically, the surface of the lamp become harmless. However, we recommend not to lick the lamp.

Where can I use my Crystal Salt Lamp?

Home- Use these lamps in living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms (they make lovely night lights, & will enhance sleep).

Office – a lamp at work can help your concentration & refresh you, neutralizing the effects of stress, artificial light and air environment.

Natural Health Centers, Doctors’ Offices – A Crystal Salt Lamp in the consulting area, treatment or waiting room assists in creating a calm/healing environment, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Meditation Room – When you repose in peace and quiet, a Crystal Salt Lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.

Massage Room – A lamp or two in the massage room will greatly enhance the ambiance and will aid in creating a relaxing experience.

Allergy sufferers – A Crystal Salt Lamp in your vicinity will assist in your wellness by keeping the air around you clean and ionized.

For Smokers – A few lamps around smoky areas will clear away lingering smells quickly.

What does a Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp smell like?

Himalayan salt crystal has no discernible odor. It’s common to see our customers sniff the lamps, but really there is no smell.

Does a Crystal Tea Light provide the same benefits as a Crystal Salt Lamp?

Yes, Crystal Tea Lights are made from the same high quality as our other lamps, and you will receive the same benefits. Of course, you may use the Crystal Salt Lamps more frequently because of the ease and safety compared to burning candles. Yet there is nothing as beautiful and hypnotic as the flickering of a candle glowing through a crystal salt lamp in a dark room.

How safe are Crystal Salt Lamps?

Our lamps only use approved parts and are easily as safe as any low wattage lamp in your home. However, since these are electrical appliances that are powered by your home’s electrical current, you need to take the same precautions you take with any electrical appliance.

Can a Crystal Salt Lamp eliminate odors in my home?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are natural Negative ion generators when they are slightly warmed by the internal light bulb. Negative ions supercharge the air around a Crystal Salt Lamp. Just like the clean air around a waterfall, on a mountain top, at the seashore, or after a thunderstorm. Wherever you place a Crystal Salt Lamp the air will begin to smell cleaner and you will be able to breathe easier. Negative ions can help eliminate heavy odors from cigarette smoking, cat litter boxes, baby nurseries and cooking odors in the kitchen.

How long do Crystal Salt Lamps last? Does it shrink?

It absolutely does not shrink unless you put it in water or regularly wash it (don’t wash it!). It’s not going anywhere unless you dissolve it in water.

How do I clean & care for my Crystal Salt Lamp?

Taking care of your Crystal Salt Lamp is easy. As salt lamps can be very heavy, place it on a safe surface. To remove dust or dirt, use a slightly damp cotton cloth and then dry with a fresh dry cotton cloth. Salt lamps are intended for indoor use only. Salt is hygroscopic, it absorbs water particles from the atmosphere. Therefore, the lamps are to be used in dry areas. In case of higher levels of humidity, for example, during rain, the lamp should be turned on. In regions that experience a higher level of humidity, keeping your lamp on will keep the surface dry. We suggest occasionally using furniture polish or oil on the salt lamp base to keep it moisturized and beautiful. Use a glass plate or dish on wooden surfaces to protect the finish from possible humidity reaction when is case the lamp is off for a period of time.

My lamp has moisture on it, what do I do?

When your lamp has moisture on it, simply pat it down with a clean cotton cloth & leave the light bulb turned on. The heat from the lamp evaporates the moisture.

How much electricity do the lamps consume?

Crystal Salt Lamps are very energy efficient, consuming only 7-40 watts per hour, depending on the bulb sized used. Many people use only a 7 watt bulb in their salt lamp, which can easily be purchased in a local store. They are available in many colors that can add special effects to your salt lamp. The total electricity consumption is less than used by your refrigerator, even for multiple salt lamps throughout your home, office, or place of business.

How do I change the light bulb?

The light fixture is simply held in the lamp by prongs that spread to hold it up within the lamp. Simply unplug the lamp and work the fixture out through the bottom.

What kind of light bulbs do the lamps take?

Common generic bulbs, ranging from 7 watts up to 40 watts chandelier bulbs. It is best to take the original bulb from the lamp with you, to ensure a correct match.